This are some samples of the slash evidences (only for our fangirls) about the relationship between Deadpool (Wade) and Cable (Nathan). If you click on a sentence you'll be able to see the page of the comic about that sentence. The yellow ones are said by Deadpool (Wade Wilson), the blue ones by Cable (Nathan Summers) and the white ones by someone else (or they aren't sentences from the comic at all).

Questi sono solo alcuni esempi delle evidenti (solo per noi fangirls) prove slash circa la fraintendibile relazione fra Deadpool (Wade) e Cable (Nathan). Cliccando su una frase si pu vedere la pagina del fumetto da cui tratta la frase. Le frasi in giallo sono dette da Deadpool (Wade Wilson), quelle in azzurro da Cable (Nathan Summers) e quelle in bianco da altri personaggi (o non sono frasi ma solo descrizioni di cosa accade). Le frase per ora sono solo in inglese ma probabile che in futuro io riesca a fare una pagina delle traduzioni in italiano.

Issue #01:
So, is this going to be, like, a testosterone thing?
Issue #03:
Wade, uhm... sorry... I guess.
I'm here... I'm with you.
Issue #04:
I hate colonscopies ... okay, I like those.
Uhn, Nate, I've seen you looking better.
I'd kill you but I feel too sorry for you.
We're not gonna haveta kiss ir anithin'... are we-?
Issue #05:
You swallowed me!
Issue #06:
Bodyslide by two!
I am sorry.
I got the keys to your house! I can walk in anytime I want and believe me, I'll mark my territory.
It doesn't have to be this way. I know.
Issue #07:
Bodyslide by two! (again!)
Issue #08:
It was actually kind of romantic.
Issue #09:
Nate'll be so busy cheking on my legs.
You believe in me. Do not. You do! Shut up!
Issue #10:
Because you should trust Cable's.
Nate...c'mon... wake up... say something to get me mad...
Issue #12:
Hey wilson, your dream boy just woke up.
A spatula would be fun.
No, Wade, don't shut up... your voice.. that ridiculous hollow Demi Moore rumble-
-is probably the sweetest sound I have ever heard.
Wade, were you actually going to part with your own money to pay for my recovery?
Issue #14:
I want to give Wade the chance to make the right decision.
Nathan to the rescue! Part one
Nathan to the rescue! Part two
I'd like a few minutes with Wade-
I wish I could help you, Wade.
Never ask the one question you don't want to know the answer to.
Issue #15:
You have no idea, Wade, how much I've missed that gravelly Demi Moore voice.
Issue #16:
Cable's tentacles and Wade: Okay, see, now I'm kinda liking it.
Issue #17:
I'm not leaving baby Nate with the mutie mengele here.
He needs someone who'll love him and only show him the good porn!-
-someone like me!
Issue #18:
Yeah, kid, deadpoo.
I can't help myself -- I'-I'm sorry--
Don't do it, okay... seriously, I ain't worth it.
Wade and I need a little time to talk.
Issue #19: (This issue is all about Nate and Wade talking about their past with a lovely heart to heart conversation. I linked only some samples of their talking).
Oh no-- totally the truth.
I'm sorry, Wade.
I could never lose hope, Wade.
Is that what started your father's problems?
Issue #20:
Succomb to your deepest darkest desire...-
Wade Wilson's deepest darkest desire!
Issue #21:
Nathan to the rescue! Part one
Nathan to the rescue! Part two
The deepest darkest desire of Nathan, Weasel, Deadpool and other two guys.
I would have had your back. I know.
Issue #22:
Good sparring. Was missing something... Massage oil? Did I say that out loud?
Wade, take it slow.
Issue #23:
I know Wade well enough.
Issue #24:
Oh, you trust Wilson-
-the leash has always come with a choke collar.
But he didn't hurt anyone, did he?
Issue #25:
You did? To make you feel good about yourself.
Issue #29:
I know, Wade.... I know you didn't...
Brockeback Mountain Cable
Deadpool to the rescue!
Issue #30:
So, what're you doing in the city?
Issue #32:
Is he just making me feel good about myself like he always does?
Uhn "Bye bye, love"
This is the church where we first...

You only get one chance, Wade-
.-you have to trust me.
Issue #33:
Bodyslide by two!
Sorry... I dragged you in this...
How is Wade?
I'm glad you're okay.
Issue #35:
I've been cheking on him every day.
The only thing you had going for you was hooking up with Cable.
We got a divorce, right?
You're an idiot sometimes, you know that?--
--Well, yes, I thought you'd come to me... ask for my help...and we'd go from there.
Both of us keep doing a lot of stupid things to try and stay together.
Issue #40:
Where do that come from?
Issue #41:
Just in case, tell Nathan I'm sorry.
Okay, what now?
Issue #42:
So I watch your back while you do what you have to do.
Do not say yu're proud of me, do not say goodbye-

-I'm proud of you. Goodbye.
Nate- I wasn't worth it.
Issue #43:
A bit too generous around those naughty bits.
It was complicated.
Issue #44:
It was what Nathan would have wanted.